Bachelor Thesis

Health & Biotechnology Gallery

Client: tg2b, The Tech Museum Date: 02/2010 Category: , ,


The full title of my thesis:
Concept for a Museum Gallery for the “The Tech Museum of Innovation” in San José, USA.
Medical insights and functional models should lead the visitor to a better and healthier life.
Thanks to the design studio “tg2b” and “The Tech Museum” in San José, California, I had the opportunity to develop – in collaboration with Birgit Binner, CEO of tg2b – a new department of the museum.
With the help of numerous hands-on stations, visitors will get to know their body organs and how they work. You’ll  learn to appreciate and understand these, even on the molecular level.
The concept includes a rough floor plan, the “look and feel”, the visitor management and elaboration of exemplary exhibition units.
Fundamental to the design of the public space was a museum research with visits to more than 20 museums and exhibitions with subsequent analysis.